1. Place 2 bolsters parallel to each other on the floor. Kneel on the bolsters, keeping your knees together. Place the rolled blanket on your shins, and the folded blanket under your buttocks. Sit with your back upright.

  2. Keep your chest stretched out. Imagine you are squeezing your kidneys and drawing them into the body. Place your palms on your knees. Look straight ahead. Stay in the pose for 30 – 60 seconds.


  • Reduces stiffness in the hip joints.

  • Reduces inflammation in the blood vessels of the legs caused by standing for long periods.

  • Alleviates pain or inflammation in the knees and tones knee cartilage

  • Relieves gout and rheumatic pain

  • Tones the hamstring muscles

  • Strengthens the arches of the feet, and relieves pain in the calves, ankles, and heels

  • Helps to correct calcaneal spurs and flat feet



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