Upavista Konasana


  1. Sit against a wall. Then sit in Dandasana with your shoulders and back touching the wall. Keep your back erect. Sit on your buttock bones. Place your palms on the floor, beside your hips, fingers pointing forward. Look straight ahead.

  2. Press your palms down on the floor to push your torso upward. Exhale, and spread your legs as far apart as possible. Use your hands, one by one, to help you push your legs even further out to the sides.

  3. Move your hands behind your buttocks, and place both palms on the floor. Press your heels and highs down on the floor. Lift your waist and the sides of your torso. Rotate your thighs to the front so that the kneecaps face the ceiling. Shift your weight from the buttocks to the pelvic bone. Stretch each leg from thigh to heel. Hold the pose for 30 – 40 seconds.


  • Helps to treat arthritis of the hips

  • Relieves sciatic pain

  • Helps to prevent and relieve hernia

  • Massages the organs of the reproductive system

  • Stimulates the ovaries, regulates menstrual flow, and relives menstrual disorders

  • Corrects a prolapsed uterus or bladder


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