Spinal Twist

Side-to-side mobility is usually the first type of flexibility to be lost as our bodies become older. This posture stretches the spine, helping it to regain this mobility . As the vertebrae are mobilized, the roots of the spinal nerves and the nervous system are toned and provided with an increased blood supply. Work both sides of the body equally to gain the full benefit of the exercise.

1. In preparation for the Spinal Twist, sit on your heels. Knees and feet should be together, and the chest faces forwards.

2. Gently shift your buttocks down to the floor on the left side of your legs. Keep your back straight and centered over the buttocks.

3. Bring your right knee in close to your chest, and gently lift it over your left leg; place the right foot flat on the floor by your left knee.

4. Keeping your body straight and upright, turn your body to the right and place your right hand flat on the floor. Raise your left arm and stretch it up above your head.

5. Twist your body to the right and look over your shoulder. Carry your left arm around your right knee, clasping your right ankle. Hold the pose for k30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.


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