The headstand is one of the most powerfully beneficial postures for both the body and mind. It rest the heart and aids in circulation. Improves memory and concentration.

Abundant blood is supplied to the brain when practice sirshasana, thus improving memory and increasing intellectual powers.

After an initial child’s pose there are eight steps to carefully follow in order to practice the headstand properly:

  1. Kneel down and grab your elbows with your hands

  2. Keep the elbows where they are and interlock the fingers in front of you. Elbows and hands now form an equilateral triangle.

  3. Place the very top of your head on the floor with the back of your head resting against the fingers

  4. Straighten the knees, raise your hips, your body now resembling an inverted V. The weight should be about equally distributed between your head/arms and the feet

  5. Keeping your knees straight as much as possible, walk with little steps, bringing your feet as close as possible to your head. This will shift the weight from the feet onto the head/arms. Keep your back as straight as possible to prevent your neck from arching

  6. Bend the knees keeping them close to the chest and your feet close to your buttocks. Shift the hips to keep your balance

  7. Keep your knees bent and point them to sky

  8. Now and only now straighten your legs. Keep your feet relaxed. Make sure that the head is supporting no more than 10% of your body weight, the rest being applied on the elbows. At first hold it for 5 seconds. Increase gradually to 10 to 15 minutes.

Exercise boosts circulation, including blood flow to the brain, which uses a full 25 percent of the oxygen that enters our lungs. It also bolsters brain-nurturing chemicals and reduces stress, which has been shown to damage the brain. Physical activity can also ease depression, which slows thinking and may precede the onset of Alzheimer’s.


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