Sirsasana (Headstand)

Yoga Asanas to Chiseled ArmsSirsasana (Headstand)

  • Interlace fingers to form a cup with palms. Place forearms and wrists on a folded blanket.

  • Place crown of head on floor with slight emphasis of weight towards forehead.

  • Walk feet towards head and lift knees gently upward.

  • Straight legs extended.

  • Lengthen both sides of ribcage.

  • Navel-point in.

  • Tailbone extends towards heels.

  • Shoulder blades wide and floating towards kidneys to decompress neck.

  • Follow with Shoulder-stand or Child’s pose.

  • Always maintain a calm and even breath.

Even standing poses, such as Warrior II, where you are resisting the pull of gravity and reaching the arms outward, firm and straight, will help with sculpting.
Hold each pose for 5 breaths.


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