Pawanamuktasana(Wind Liberating Pose)

Pawanamuktasana(Wind Liberating Pose)


  • Lie down on your back and stretch both your legs. Now leaving the left leg stretched on the ground bend your right leg at the knee and bring the bent knee near the chest. Now inhale and press your bent leg on your chest with both hands, which should be interlocked for 90 this purpose.

  • Keep the breath full in your belly and go on pressing the leg on it. Stay in this position for some time. Now start exhaling, lift your head and try to touch your bent knee with your nose. Inhale and bring your head back in the normal position; also take the leg down and exhale. Concentrate on Maniptir Chakra. Repeat this process with your right leg and then with both the legs.

    Advantages:- This asana regulates the wind in the body. It brings the wind down, so that it can be easily exhausted through the anus. The wind then does not cause disorders in the stomach, and constipation is also relieved. It also helps in keeping away the diseases of the lungs and the heart. Obesity and excessive fat of the abdomen also diminish.

Caution:- Pregnant women are prohibited from doing this asana.


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