• Take the same position as Udarakarshan

  • Put your left leg in front of about 1 feet and bend the right knee towards the left foot

  • Lift the right knee up and put it 1 feet forwards and at the same time left knee towards the right foot

  • In the same way move forward and walk for about 20 feet by following same steps.

  • Drink two glass of water which is specially prepared and repeat all the asanas each 6 times. If you need to go to the toilet, go and empty your bowels if they have not yet been emptied do not strain, it is not essential at this point. Drink two glasses of water and repeat two rounds of the asanas. When you feel to go to toilet leave the particular asana and go to toilet, and then come back continue from where you had left that particular asana. Afterwards continue drinking the water, performing the asanas and going to toilet.

  • As pressure increases less stools and more water will be evacuated. Eventually cloudy yellow water and finally almost clear water will be evacuated, but it varies from person to person. The speed at which one completes the practice should not be compared with that of others.

  • Total rest for about 1 hr to 45 min is essential after the practice of Shankhaprakshalana in shavasana position, one should not sleep as it may result in a cold or headache. Try to maintain complete silence because during this time the whole digestive system is given a chance to recharge itself.

  • Passing urine at this time is perfectly normal.


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