1. Sit with your spine erect and your knees bent. Position the blocks on their broad sides on either side of your hips. Then place your palms on the blocks.  Sit on your buttock bones.

  2. Straighten each leg, one at a time, and join the inner sides of your legs and feet. Lengthen the calf muscles, and stretch your knees and toes. Keep your knees straight. Press your palms down on the blocks and stretch your elbows and arms.

  3. Lift your abdomen, freeing the diaphragm of tension. Hold the pose for 1 minute. Beginners may find it easier to separate their feet slightly, and should hold the pose for just 30 seconds.



  • Improves digestion

  • Tones the kidneys

  • Helps to prevent sciatic pain

  • Stretches and activates the muscles of the legs

  • Prevents tiredness in the feet by stretching the muscles of the feet




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